Think Press

Meet Alex Auger, founder of Think Press

Think Press, (used to be The Juice Executive), is a local gem of a business. Founded by Maidstone-born Alex Auger in 2014, Think Press’s mission is to get the nation drinking pure, healthy, cold pressed juices instead of the sugary, processed juices  which are readily available in the supermarkets but not actually that good for you.

Amazingly, Alex is just 23 years old. She created the business from scratch from her family home in Bearsted after seeing a niche in the market for cold pressed juices. Like most entrepreneurs, Alex is passionate about her product and will even invite you to see how the juices are produced at their site in Kent.

The juicing phenomenon is not new; legends like Jason Vale have been encouraging us to juice for years, and the shops keep turning out newer and flashier juicing machines so we can all make our own healthy juices from home. This all sounds great in theory, but try fitting home juicing into your already busy schedule and you’ll see the problem that makes most of us give up after only a few days or weeks. The amount of fruit and veg that goes into one small glass of juice (it’s about a crate full) which means daily trips to the supermarket (or organic greengrocers for those of you who are really committed), the fact that you can’t make the juice in bulk and freeze it because it undermines the juice’s nutritional value, not to mention the fact that it takes about 30 minutes to clean the wretched juicer, let alone the pulp that has sprayed all over the kitchen and your nice clean outfit… oh wait, better get changed.

Think Press

No, Alex and Think Press have revolutionised the way we juice and we are so much the happier (and healthier) for it. They cold press the juices from their headquarters in Kent using fresh locally sourced products,* and always deliver the juices to your door the morning after they’ve been pressed, so no hanging around in warehouses. From the field, to the press, to you within hours – it doesn’t get much fresher than that. And because Think Press do all the hard work, you can have high quality, healthy juice every day without all the hassle of making it.

Now you may be wondering, ‘what makes Think Press juice any different to the juice you can buy in the supermarket?’ The truth is that they’re worlds apart in quality, taste and nutritional value. Alex made the conscious decision that her juices would have a vegetable base, giving them a much lower sugar content than purely fruit based juices. And none of this ‘Best Before 2020’ nonsense; Think Press fresh juices have a short shelf life, precisely because they are FRESH juices.

For those you of thinking about giving it a go, Think Press do a small tasting box for just £32 (click here). Find out more about Think Press on their website – we can’t recommend them highly enough.

*as much as possible