Diabetes Week 2016 and PEMF

Diabetes Week 12-18 June 2016

Did you know that PEMF can help with circulatory issues associated with Diabetes?

Pulsed ElectroMagnetic Fields (PEMFs) helps to condition all tissues to be as healthy as possible and they may also accelerate the natural health recovery of diabetic tissues. There is a large amount of research on the use of PEMFs and it is believed that it is possible for this therapy to reduce pain, improve circulation, help liver function, improve pancreatic function and improve the cells to be able help with the circulation insulin.

Adding PEMFs will not cure diabetes, but they will help to manage the condition and the circulatory issues that come with it alongside a healthy diet (a session with a nutritionist is usually encouraged). It is also important that you take your medication prescribed your doctor and manage your diet in conjunction with the use of PEMFs as a complimentary therapy rather than an alternative.

Follow the link below for more information and case studies.
PEMF – Diabetes and Diabetic Neuropathology

So if you or anyone you know are struggling with any of the circulatory conditions associated with diabetes refer them to us to see how we can help – at our LilyPie Clinic in Chart Sutton.

Contact Deborah at deborah@restoring-health.co.uk or on 0788 5548 594


Get ready for the Restoring Health Fitness Challenge

It s been proven time and time again that if you don’t set yourself goals in life you will never move forward. The same can be said for exercise/fitness – unless there is a realistic goal to work towards it is much harder to stay motivated.

“Where the vision isn’t clear the cost is always to great!” – Michael Puffett

Thus we propose this – the Restoring Health Fitness Challenge – what is your goal?

Wayne and Beth are currently training for the Paddock Wood half marathon which is on 3rd April 2016.This particular marathon is a fast but flat route, the course takes on the roads through the hop fields and orchards of kent. 

They started their training in Novemeber and have been running 3 times a week. Starting with short distances and building up to longer distances as they grew fitter and stronger also making sure to include some hill training. They have also been attending a weekly core strengthening class and found that this has made a big difference in the way they run and has helped improve their stamina. They are even running another half marathon this coming Saturday the 5th of March as part of their preparation. 

The challenge has been set! What fitness goals are you setting for yourself? How are you going to achieve them? Come and speak to us and let us help you to achieve the goals you have set for yourself in a realistic timeframe and most importantly – Injury Free!

The Restoring Health team

This is what sitting too long does to your body

Today, we live in a world where modern machines do much of our work for us, which greatly eliminates the need for manual labor. Not to mention, many people have office or sales jobs, forcing them to remain sedentary for eight or more hours a day.

According to a report published in Annals of Internal Medicine, the average person spends more than half of his or her waking hours in an inactive state (sitting at a computer, watching TV, commuting to and from work, etc).

While technology brings with it obvious benefits, such as getting more done in less time, consolidating our efforts, and connecting us to others at lightning speeds, it has many drawbacks, as well.

Sitting down for prolonged periods of time can cause problems such as chronic back pain, poor posture, and even potentially deadly diseases such as diabetes, heart disease, and obesity.

If you spend a lot of time sitting down for your job, take a look at the specifics of how this can negatively impact your health, according to four experts in the industry:

Brain, neck and shoulder issues

Moving our bodies means more blood and oxygen flowing throughout the brain, which helps us maintain clarity and keeps our minds sharp. However, by sitting for long periods of time, this slows the flow of oxygen and blood to our brains, inhibiting our ability to think clearly.

Also, slumping forward at work to stare at a computer screen puts tremendous strain on the neck, particularly the cervical vertebrae, which connects the spine to your head. Poor posture also damages the back and shoulder muscles, as they become overextended due to leaning over a keyboard for long periods of time.

Back problems

One of the most apparent problems occurs for most people in their backs, as bad posture contributes greatly to back pain, inflexible spines, and disk damage. Moving around causes soft disks between vertebrae in the spine to expand and contract, allowing blood and nutrients in. By sitting too long, the disks become uneven and compact, even causing collagen to build up around tendons and ligaments.

Also, herniated lumbar disks occur more frequently in people who spend prolonged periods of time in front of a computer.

Muscle degeneration

Sitting doesn’t require the use of your ab muscles, and if they go unused for too long, this can actually cause you to develop what’s called swayback, or the unnatural overextension of the spine’s natural arch. Plus, sitting too long decreases overall flexibility, particularly in the hips and back. Flexible hips aid in balancing the body, but by sitting too long, the hip flex or muscles become short and tense.

The glute muscles also become soft after prolonged periods of disuse, and this hinders your ability to take long strides and keep the body stable.

Deterioration of organs

Remaining seated for long periods of time can cause heart disease, cardiovascular disease, and colon cancer. In short, these problems are caused by the overproduction of insulin due to inactivity, and sluggish blood flow to the organs. Regular movement helps kill cancer-causing cells, boosting antioxidants that eliminate these free radicals from taking over the body.

Overproduction of insulin also causes weight gain, which contributes to diabetes and obesity.

Leg Disorders

Obviously, sitting too long will hinder circulation in the legs. This causes blood to pool around the ankles, which then results in swollen ankles, varicose veins, and even harmful blood clots. Another more subtle issue caused by prolonged sitting is that bones become weaker and less dense. Regular activity, such as running or walking, helps keep bones strong and thick. This might explain why so many elderly people today have osteoporosis, as society becomes more and more sedentary.

According to the study, people who watched the most TV over the span of 8.5 years had a 61% greater risk of dying a premature death compared to those who watched less than one hour per day.

So, how can we combat this growing epidemic of inactivity?

First of all, if you DO have to sit for long periods of time for work or other purposes, make sure you sit up straight and avoid slouching or leaning over your keyboard. If you have to, buy an exercise ball, which forces your ab muscles to work and will naturally keep your body straight. You can also use a backless stool if you want something a little more stable than an exercise ball.

Secondly, make sure to get up regularly to stretch. How often should you do this? At least once every thirty minutes, according to experts. Get up and walk around your office for a few minutes as well, which will keep the blood flowing and allow your brain and muscles to function optimally.

Thirdly, you can buy a standing work desk, which will force you to do your work in an upright position. This helps blood and oxygen flow more freely through the body, reducing the risk of blood clots and other dangerous health problems.

Alternatively visit us at Restoring Health Ltd.
You can book in for an initial assessment with one of our LilyPie Clinic Therapists.
We can provide you with a visual and accurate representation of your current posture and body composition.

We make use of the following analysis tools during the initial assessment to ensure that we get the most accurate information possible:

For an accurate Postural Assessment and Movement Analysis

For a Photo Finish Fat Analysis.

Omron Logo Bk hi res_full
Detailed Body Composition Analysis.


Meet Elle Comacho and Gruff

Representing the United Kingdom at the World Championships in the as part of the UK Canicross team

For centuries dogs have been referred to as man’s best friend, and as a nation of dog lovers (with almost one-quarter of households in the UK owning one) it’s not surprising that Canicross, the sport of running competitively with your dog, is becoming such a popular pastime. You couldn’t ask for a better companion to have by your side whiles battling the forces of nature, Elle Camacho and her dog Gruff do exactly that.

image1 (1)
Elle has been competing with Gruff in Canicross for several years and is also a member of the British sled dog Sports Federation. Elle no longer only competes with Gruff but has recently taken on a new team-mate (another rescue dog) a Collie X Podenca as her primary Canicross dog. Elle  is focusing on the scooter division with Gruff and competing in both events on the same day would be too staining on him.

image1 (1)

Elle took part in her first ever 50 mile ultra race this year beating the clock, she is now ready for the next 100 mile challenge in April next year and with the team at Restoring Health helping with preparation she is feeling pretty confident.

The highlights of Elle’s image6year so far was the amazing adventure she and Gruff took part in during August, the race called the Trophee des Montagnes. This exciting adventure took place in the beautiful French Alps, an 8 day 10 stage Canicross Race. With 280 adults competitors from across Europe only 184 crossed the finish line of the last stage!
Racing 5-10km each day, sometimes twice a day; up, down and around the ski slopes surrounding L’Alpes d’Huez.

 “ It was really tough on my legs and the weather played mind games! One race it was nearly 38 degrees and yet another had horizontal rain, thunder and lightning (guess which conditions the British Team excelled in!)”

They successfully set out to finish all stages the race uninjured and Gruff was absolutely amazing! He was eager to race everyday and even managed to curb his enthusiasm by slowing  down when Elle was whimpering with terror at the steep downhills and sometimes vertical drops that they were traversing. Both Elle and Gruff had an amazing experience!

Elle and Gruff both enjoy competing and with the added benefits of exercise, mind stimulation and social interaction no one could blame them! Yet they also have to show tremendous commitment and determination; Elle generally runs 5 days a week and some days without Gruff as he does not enjoy the interval seasons. Currently Elle has started working with a running coach who has set up a training plan to challenge them in all different aspects of different events with recommendations from Deborah of course. So come rain, come shine or any kind of weather (apart from blizzards and lighting storms) they are to be found out training!

image2Elle and Gruff are yet to win a competition but are currently ranked 3rd in England and 5th in the UK in the Scooter category.
They have just taken part in the two-day European Championships in Scotland placing 5th in the Women’s Scooter Division and 21st in the Women’s Canicross Division.

They will hopefully be competing at the World Championships in Canada at the end of October.
We are supporting her by trying to raise the funds to get her there. So help us support this amazing lady on her journey by giving generous donations via www.crowdfunder.co.uk/gruffIFSS or through sponsorship (please contact Elle via Restoring Health if you would like to help her!!)
We all wish her and her furry team mates the best of luck!

Photographs of Elle supplied by:
Houndscape Photography
and Fay Frost Photography 


*Update: Unfortunately Elle was unable to raise the funds needed to compete at the World Championship in Canada this year, but with her dedication and determination in this sport we are eager to see what lies ahead for this amazing lady.

The benefits of massage during pregnancy – by Beth Johnston

Ever wondered whether you can have a massage during pregnancy to get rig of those neck, shoulder and back pains, sooth those sore muscles or just for some stress relief?

Restoring Health Ltd will do exactly that for you.
With all our therapists fully qualified to perform pregnancy massage, you can rest assured that you are in good hands!

Think Press

Meet Alex Auger, founder of Think Press

Think Press, (used to be The Juice Executive), is a local gem of a business. Founded by Maidstone-born Alex Auger in 2014, Think Press’s mission is to get the nation drinking pure, healthy, cold pressed juices instead of the sugary, processed juices  which are readily available in the supermarkets but not actually that good for you.

Amazingly, Alex is just 23 years old. She created the business from scratch from her family home in Bearsted after seeing a niche in the market for cold pressed juices. Like most entrepreneurs, Alex is passionate about her product and will even invite you to see how the juices are produced at their site in Kent.

The juicing phenomenon is not new; legends like Jason Vale have been encouraging us to juice for years, and the shops keep turning out newer and flashier juicing machines so we can all make our own healthy juices from home. This all sounds great in theory, but try fitting home juicing into your already busy schedule and you’ll see the problem that makes most of us give up after only a few days or weeks. The amount of fruit and veg that goes into one small glass of juice (it’s about a crate full) which means daily trips to the supermarket (or organic greengrocers for those of you who are really committed), the fact that you can’t make the juice in bulk and freeze it because it undermines the juice’s nutritional value, not to mention the fact that it takes about 30 minutes to clean the wretched juicer, let alone the pulp that has sprayed all over the kitchen and your nice clean outfit… oh wait, better get changed.

Think Press

No, Alex and Think Press have revolutionised the way we juice and we are so much the happier (and healthier) for it. They cold press the juices from their headquarters in Kent using fresh locally sourced products,* and always deliver the juices to your door the morning after they’ve been pressed, so no hanging around in warehouses. From the field, to the press, to you within hours – it doesn’t get much fresher than that. And because Think Press do all the hard work, you can have high quality, healthy juice every day without all the hassle of making it.

Now you may be wondering, ‘what makes Think Press juice any different to the juice you can buy in the supermarket?’ The truth is that they’re worlds apart in quality, taste and nutritional value. Alex made the conscious decision that her juices would have a vegetable base, giving them a much lower sugar content than purely fruit based juices. And none of this ‘Best Before 2020’ nonsense; Think Press fresh juices have a short shelf life, precisely because they are FRESH juices.

For those you of thinking about giving it a go, Think Press do a small tasting box for just £32 (click here). Find out more about Think Press on their website – we can’t recommend them highly enough.

*as much as possible

Restoring Health

Why we think Wayne is wonderful

Wayne has been working at Restoring Health for 3 years now, and he has proven himself to be a top-quality therapist. He’s based at our Pegasus Sports Centre clinic in Maidstone, but he also runs a clinic in Hythe every Wednesday, and is available to do pop-up clinics at your workplace or sports club. Wayne is passionate about seeing people live a high quality life, which is why he loves helping people through Soft Tissue Therapy.

Why get a massage with Wayne?

Wayne deals with a wide range of aches and injuries, treating anything from lower back injuries caused by everyday strain to post-operation massage for hip replacements. He also does a lot of work with athletes including members of the GB Gymnastics Squad, helping to prevent muscle injuries and improve recovery time. Wayne has a wealth of qualifications and experience that contribute to his excellent Soft Tissue Therapy skills, working as part of an inter disciplinary team, giving you the assurance that you’ll be receiving the highest possible standard of treatment.

Qualifications and Professional Development:
  • Level 5 Diploma in Sports & Remedial Massage
    (London School of Sports Massage)
  • Niel Asher Technique – Frozen Shoulder
  • Myoskeletal Alignment Diplomas
    (Eric Dalton)
  • Pilates Trainer Professional Diploma (That’s right, Wayne can teach pilates, and no, he doesn’t have a leotard!)

Special offer at our new Hythe clinic on Wednesday 8th July

Wayne is offering FREE neck and shoulder chair massages from 11am to 3pm, then FREE Initial Assessments worth £25 from 3pm to 8pm!Don’t miss out on these great deals; give Wayne a call today on 07886 607754 or email wayne@restoring-health.co.uk to book your free appointment!Our new Hythe Clinic is located at The Inner U, 121 High Street, Hythe, Kent, CT21 5JJ.


With WebExercises you will benefit from a clear understanding of your home exercise program promoting more frequent and proper form of all prescribed rehabilitation and corrective exercises. Browse their site and see how WebExercises® can work for you.
Come visit us at your nearest Restoring Heath Clinic to set up a personalised exercise program that works for your needs.


What is Pulsed Electro Magnetic Field (PEMF) Therapy?

(An independent review)

We’ve seen some phenomenal results with the PEMF treatment in the past couple of months (click here to read our reviews), so we’ve asked Jonathon Cook, a Patent Portfolio Manager (Research and Development), to do an independent review for us to explain the science behind why PEMF Therapy can such have a positive affect on the body. Here’s what he had to say on the topic:

“First I feel it is important to explain what a Pulsed Electromagnetic Field is:

It may sound amazingly fancy but in reality these words are merely scientific jargon for every day phenomenon. Any conductor (think metals, wires etc.) with a charge (electricity) produces an electromagnetic field. In physics electromagnetism is considered one of the fundamental forces of nature, along with gravity, weak interaction and strong interaction*. Continue reading


Top Tips for Avoiding Blisters – London Marathon 2015

This blog post is for all the runners out there getting ready for the London Marathon 26th April 2015! Our seasoned Ultra Marathon runner/blogger Greg Pretorius shares his advice for avoiding blisters. Here’s what he had to say:

” The bane of runners all over the world, blisters are a small but formidable enemy that can easily take the pleasure out of running. In order to understand how to best avoid them, first we need to take a look at what they are and why they form.

What is a blister?

“A blister is a small pocket of fluid that forms in the upper layers of the skin.

It usually forms when the outer layer of the skin has been damaged. Fluid collects under the damaged skin, cushioning the tissue underneath. This protects the tissue from further damage and allows it to heal. Most blisters are filled with a clear fluid called serum, which is the part of the blood that remains after red blood cells and clotting agents have been removed. However, blisters are sometimes filled with blood (blood blisters) or pus if they become inflamed or infected.” The NHS

Continue reading