PEMF Therapy

PEMF Therapy – we’ve seen incredible results!

We’re still getting great feedback from our clients about the Pulsed Electro Magnetic Field (PEMF) Therpay we have been offering in association with NewMed! If you would like to book a 2 week trial to use in your home for just £19.99 (usually £99.99), please email Available for a limited time only, so make sure you sign up before the offers ends!

Here’s what our clients have been saying:

“I have suffered from ache in my lower back for over thirty years. This is a result of sciatic nerve damage. Since suffering a fall four years ago this ache has intensified on occasions to become sharp pain. The sharp pain centering in one hip increases during the night and as a consequence interrupts my sleep. I have used the PEMF machine for a two week trial period and found that after only two days of sessions the ache in my back lessened and I found myself waking in the morning less stiff and generally more flexible. This has continued to be the case throughout the full two week trial. My poor sleep pattern of five hours each night, often interrupted by the ache or more intensive pain in my hip, has now increased to six hours of unbroken sleep. The PEMF Therapy has certainly achieved the result of lessening my aches and pain and has improved my sleep pattern.”

– Anonymous client suffering from sciatic nerve damage

“I have suffered widespread nerve, joint and muscle pain for a number of years and have been prescribed a number of different medications and have also undergone several surgical procedures to try and alleviate symptoms. I was a little skeptical of the PEMF machine due to a lack of understanding of the science behind it but after 2 weeks I have more energy, increased mobility and certainly a lot less pain. I have even managed to reduce my medication by 50%. I look and feel healthier as if my body is beginning to work as it should again. Life changing!”

 – Anonymous client with arthritis and fybromyalgia

“I’ve had a back problem for a number of years with narrowing of the L5 disc. It has been incredibly painful and at times almost immobilised me. I first found out about PEMF Therapy from Restoring health who explained how the mat works and the positive results people have had with it. Initially I was quite skeptical, but decided to do the trial because once again my back had gone into spasm and I was having difficulty sleeping with the pain. The results even after two weeks were evident as the spasms stopped and I regained full mobility, pain free. I’m very thankful to have been able to trial the PEMF mat and would be happy to use it again in the future.”

– Anonymous client with back pain

If you would like to share a review of your experience using PEMF Therapy, please email Click here to read more reviews on the New Med website.