Now offering PEMF Therapy at our clinic!

Pulsating Electromagnetic Field Therapy is on offer at Restoring Health at no extra charge for a limited time only!

This may be of interest to you if you are struggling with:
– Pain
– Poor mobility
– Poor sleeping patterns
– Low energy levels and
– Generally feeling unwell

How does it work? Click here

PEMF Therapy can help with pain management (click here to find out how) and sports enhancement (click here), which is why we’re excited to be able to offer it to our clients. NASA uses the very same technique of PEMF therapy in their space stations to ensure good health of their astronauts. Through a healthy diet, regular exercise and a daily boost of PEMF therapy we can prevent / reverse the effects of many chronic illnesses and causes of pain. Continue reading

Pegasus Gym

Exciting news! We’ve opened a new clinic at Pegasus Sports Centre!

Alongside our clinic at Bob Prowse Health Club, we will now also be offering our services at Pegasus Sports Centre (4 Farleigh Hill, Maidstone, Kent, ME5 6RG).

Click here for directions.

Opening their doors in 1987, Pegasus Gymnastics have years of experience in coaching children from grassroots level right through to Olympic standard. For those of you who are familiar with Pegasus, we will be taking over the Wellbeing Suite. Prices for a one hour Relaxing, Sports or Remedial Massage range from £30 to £65.We recently interviewed Sam Ghinn, one of our clients and long-term member of the Pegasus Gymnastics Club. To find out what Sam had to say about Pegasus, Soft Tissue Therapy and gymnastics, click here.
For more information about our services or new venue, please email or call 07886607754.
We are excited to be working with the great team at Pegasus and look forward to seeing you at our new venue soon!
Running Shoes

Running 101

Hi everyone, welcome back to Running with Greg!

I’m aiming this post at ‘beginner runners’. This includes runners coming back from a long injury lay-off, as well as those who want to run but never actually get beyond the first week or two.

Any new venture needs a plan, and once you have a plan you have to give yourself time for it to become part of your daily routine. Running does not fall into the ‘McDonalds’ category. Getting fit is neither easy nor does it happen quickly. I always suggest to new runners that they give themselves at least six weeks for the new routine to become a habit. Continue reading