Running with Greg – Kalahari Augrabies Extreme Marathon

For those of you who haven’t heard yet, our very own Greg Pretorius is currently off running the Kalahari Augrabies Extreme Marathon in South Africa. He has spent the better part of the year training, running up to eight hours a day come rain or shine in preparation for the grueling conditions that lie before him. KAEM is a very prestigious event, and I know that Greg has been looking forward to it for some time, if not with a little bit of nervous anticipation…

We’ll be hearing from Greg when he gets back as to how he found the race, but until then, here’s some more information about what it entails:

“The South African Kalahari Augrabies Extreme Marathon, a unique race filled with adventure and determination, will once again be held in the beautiful and contrasting landscape of the Northern Cape’s “Green Kalahari”.  

The Kalahari Augrabies Extreme Marathon is a self-sufficiency run held over six legs in seven days with set distances for each day, ranging from 28km to 75km.  Participants must carry all their supplies, clothes and compulsory safety/survival equipment for the duration of the event.  Overnight shelter in camps, and water, which is strictly controlled and distributed during the race, is supplied.  The event goes way beyond merely covering 250 kilometers in extreme conditions; it is a challenge to get past what normal people would regard as crazy, and achieve one’s personal goals. 

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Restoring Health Running

Running with Greg

Meet Greg, our resident running enthusiast…

Restoring Health is proud to introduce a series of posts written by Greg Pretorius (pictured above), a highly experienced runner whose races have included the Rhodes Run (52km), Two Oceans Ultra Marathon (56km), Comrades (90km), Amatola Trail Run (100km), Washie 100 (160km) and Grand Raid Reunion (172km). He is currently taking part in the Kalahari Augrabies Extreme Marathon (KAEM), running 250km through the Kalahari Desert in South Africa, from 1st-7th November 2014.

Once he gets back, Greg will be sharing insights from his own personal running experiences, as well as answering any questions you may have for him as a seasoned ultramarathon runner. You can contact him at

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